Dental Veneers in Coral Springs, FL

Modern dental technology and practices make it possible for patients to transform their smiles. They can straighten their teeth, remove any stains, correct misalignment, and even replace decayed teeth. All you need to achieve the perfect smile is a qualified and experienced dentist.

At Optimum Dentistry, we provide a wide range of restorative and cosmetic dental services geared to transform your smile. Regardless of your dental concern, our dentist, Dr. David Santana, can help. Cosmetic dental veneers in Coral Springs, FL is one of the most popular services in our office. Here is a look at everything you need to know about them.


What are Dental Veneers?

Veneers are thin, wafer-like pieces of ceramic or porcelain. They have a translucent, natural teeth-like appearance that ensures no one can see a difference between regular teeth and veneers. They are made from durable ceramic and can last for anywhere between 5 and 15 years, depending on your lifestyle and how well you maintain them. Veneers are designed to enhance your smile. They conceal problems like staining, small cracks, yellow teeth, and small chips, giving your teeth a uniform appearance.

Veneer Application

Applying newly done veneers is a quick and easy procedure that provides long-lasting results. Dr. Santana first takes the time to check your oral health and scrutinize your teeth. Your natural teeth should be relatively stable and healthy for them to be able to support veneers. If our dentist is satisfied with the condition of your teeth, he will move on with the application process. Here is a look at what it involves:

  • The first step is cleaning your teeth thoroughly and removing any build-up on the surface. The cleaning ensures the veneers will have a good foundation and won’t budge once they have applied.

  • Our dentist then removes some natural dental material from the surface of the teeth. Removing excessive structure is performed to make room for your new veneers.

  • Dr. Santana will then use dental cement to apply the veneers and make sure they are aligned correctly.

After the cement cures, the veneers will be set in place and won’t move. They are quite resilient as long as you follow the care instructions provided by Dr. Santana

If you want to know more about veneers, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Optimum Dentistry in Coral Springs, FL today!

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