Emergency Dental Care in Coral Springs, FL

We know dental emergencies can happen at any time during the day. That is why, at Optimum Dentistry, our Coral Springs dentist accepts patients in need of emergency dental care.

At our office, patients in need of emergency dental services will get treated promptly.  We understand that some dental problems may need to be addressed quickly so that the treatment is effective. If you need an emergency dentist, call our dental office in Coral Springs at (954) 775-0185, explain the condition to our staff, and we will be able to assist you.

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What Is a Dental Emergency?

Small cracks, slightly chipped tooth, mild toothache, and minor gum bleeds often do not require urgent treatments. You can call in for an appointment and scheduled a visit for treatment. However, some concerns require immediate attention, and these include:

  • Intense and Sharp Toothache – You might need to visit our dentist immediately to get some tooth pain relief medication and find out the cause of the ache.
  • Tooth Loss – If you have suffered full tooth loss where the root cavity is exposed, you need to visit us immediately. This site can become infected quickly, and that infection can settle in the jawbone if you do not get it treated on time.

  • Knocked Out Tooth – If a tooth is knocked out but is still intact and available, visit us immediately. We might be able to place the natural tooth back in. Be sure to preserve the natural tooth and take it to the emergency dentist, even if it is damaged.

  • Large Crack – A large crack or fracture exposes the nerve inside the tooth and can cause intense tooth pain. It can also leave the tooth vulnerable to infections, which can get into the root and jawbone. Our emergency dentist might need to perform a root canal and place a dental crown on the damaged tooth to preserve it. 

  • Inflammation – Swelling, and tenderness in the cheek and jaw area are signs of infection and needs to be treated immediately. The longer an infection persists, the more damage it can cause. Our emergency dentist in Coral Springs FL will examine your mouth to find the root cause of the infection and treat it.

The best response to any dental injury or tooth pain is to call us immediately at (954) 775-0185. Our dentist will recommend some temporary treatments to help reduce pain, preserve the tooth, or stop the bleeding while we accommodate you in our schedule.

What to Expect During Emergency Appointments?

During your emergency consultation, Our dental assistants will perform a set of x-rays to the area affected so our dentist, Dr. David Santana, can perform a full oral examination to determine the root cause of the problem before recommending any treatments.


If you want to know more about emergency dental services, visit our emergency dental office in Coral Springs FL & get in touch with us during our office hours.

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