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A dental bridge is a fixed prosthetic designed to replace one or more missing teeth. It bridges the gap between teeth and doesn’t need implants to keep them in place. Bridges are ideal for people who have a few missing teeth but also have healthy, adjacent natural teeth to act as anchors for the prosthetic. If you are missing teeth, you could be the perfect candidate for bridges. Call our dental office so we can schedule an appointment for you with our Coral Springs dentist.

How Can Dental Bridges Benefit You?

Bridges are a great alternative to implants and offer a wide range of benefits. Our dentist will examine your teeth and current dental health care to determine if this treatment will genuinely benefit you before recommending it. Here’s a look at some of the most significant benefits of bridges:

  • Bridges look like natural teeth and will restore the beauty of your smile.
  • These prosthetics will help maintain the shape of your face and jaw, which can change with teeth loss.

  • The bridge will stop your natural teeth from becoming misaligned, which is likely to happen if there’s space adjacent to a tooth.

  • Bridges can handle some amount of force and help you retain the ability to chew and speak.

Bridges are permanent and can easily last for anywhere between 5 to 15 years. Follow Dr. Santana’s instructions carefully to maintain the condition of these prosthetics.

Types of Dental Bridges

There are three types of dental bridges available to patients today. Our dentist will explain the various pros and cons of each type in detail, and this helps you make an informed decision. Here’s a brief look at them:

  • Traditional Dental Bridges – These are the most common type and very popular with patients. The bridge includes dental crowns or abutments at either end and stable teeth in the middle. The crowns are affixed to the natural teeth and act as anchors for the ones in between.

  • Cantilever Bridges – These bridges are similar to traditional ones but are supported on one side by the abutment rather than both sides.

  • Maryland Bridges – This is a conservative treatment because the abutments are affixed to the back of natural teeth with resin. Our dentist won’t anchor the bridge to your natural teeth. This means the treatment isn’t as secure as traditional options.

If you want to know more about bridges, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Optimum Dentistry in Coral Springs, FL today!

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