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Tooth decay is a common problem in people of all ages. Several factors contribute towards it, including genetics, poor dental hygiene, lack of professional dental care, and more. Fortunately, there are many solutions to counteract this problem. At Optimum Dentistry, we have handled several tooth decay cases and are familiar with the best treatment options available. 


Our dentist, Dr. Santana, will first examine the decayed teeth to determine the extent of the damage. If the decay is deep and severe and the tooth cannot be saved, he will recommend replacing the entire tooth with an implant. However, if the decay is moderate and hasn’t destroyed the root, he might recommend an inlay, onlay, or even a dental crown.

What are Inlays and Onlays?

Inlays and onlays are specifically designed to treat molar teeth with moderate decay or damage. Our dentist will recommend this treatment if the tooth is too damaged for a filling, but still has a firm root. Both inlays and onlays are considered indirect fillings because they are created and shaped in a dental laboratory before being placed on the damaged teeth. Regular fillings are applied directly to the damaged area in one visit. 

  • Inlay – An inlay is a filling that is placed inside the tooth and fits inside the little cusps on the molar.
  • Onlay – An onlay is a filling that is placed over the tooth and covers the cusps on the molars.

Dr. Santana will examine the damaged tooth to determine which option is ideal for you before recommending a procedure.

How Does the Treatment Work?

The process of getting an inlay or onlay is very similar to the process of getting a crown. During your first visit, Dr. Santana will numb the area being treated and clean out the decayed tooth. Dr. Santana will ensure that all decay is removed to avoid further decay or infection. Once all the decay has been removed, your dentist will take an impression of the remaining tooth area for the dental laboratory. A temporary filling will be placed until you visit us for your second appointment.


During your second visit, our dentist will numb the area, remove the temporary filling, and bond your permanent inlay or onlay to your natural tooth. Proper daily brushing, flossing, and regular professional cleanings at our dental office, your inlay or onlay restoration can last for many years.


If you want to know more about inlays and onlays, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Optimum Dentistry in Coral Springs, FL today

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